The program of cultural events “Summer 2023” was announced by the Municipality of Alexandroupolis.

The program of summer events, which will run until September 4, includes theater performances, children’s shows and concerts, as well as Maritime Week in July.

The program of events in detail:


26.6.2023, Experimental Stage of Alexandroupolis – Performance “MEDIA”, Municipal Theater of Alexandroupolis.

26.6.2023, Workshop of Traditional Countries and Folklore Studies of Alexandroupolis, “Let the dances continue”, Ecopark Altinalmazi.

27.6.2023, Experimental Stage of Alexandroupolis – Performance “MEDIA”, Municipal Theater of Alexandroupolis.

27.6.2023, Cappadocians Association, Altinalmazi Ecopark.

28.6.2023, Experimental Stage of Alexandroupolis – Performance “MEDIA”, Municipal Theater of Alexandroupolis.

29.6.2023, Tycheriotes Association, Ecopark Altinalmazi.

29.6.2023, Celebration of the end of the school year! Concert with Eleftheria Eleftheriou in the courtyard of the 1st and 3rd Gymnasiums of Alexandroupolis.

30.6.2023, Concert from the Faethon Conservatory at the Municipal Theater of Alexandroupoli.

30.6.2023, Children’s show “Peppa’s Party”, Altinalmazi Ecopark.


1.7.2023, Folk night in Feron square

2.7.2023, Children’s theater performance “The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm”, Ecopark Altimalmazi.

4.7.2023, Children’s theater show “Masha and the Bear”, Ecopark Altinalmazi.

4-5.7.2023, 5th Two-Day Festival “The Lighthouse of Equality”.

6.7.2023, Theatrical performance “Men’s Intelligence – Oxymoron”, Ecopark Altinalmazi.

7-17.7.2023, Maritime Week.

7-9.7.2023, Festival of Traditional Dances SPARTAKOS, in Anthea.

10.7.2023, “Oedipus Tyrannus”, Altinalmazi Ecopark.

11.7.2023, Theatrical performance “12th Night”, Ecopark Altinalmazi.

12.7.2023, Concert with Yiannis Plutarchos, Ecopark Altinalmazi.

13.7.2023. Theatrical performance “Ekavi”, Ecopark Altinalmazi.

14.7.2023, Children’s Shadow Theater performance, Ecopark Altinalmazi.

18.7.2023, Children’s show “The Astrokid” by Oscar Wilde, Ecopark Altinalmazi.

21.7.2023, Natasa Theodoridou Concert, Ecopark Altinalmazi.

24.7.2023, Theatrical performance “My friend Nostoyevsky”, Ecopark Altinalmazi.

25.7.2023, Stand up comedy with Giorgos Chatzipavlou, Ecopark Altinalmazi.

26.7.2023, Children’s theater performance, “The treasure of Vagia”, Ecopark Altinalmazi.

28.7.2023, Concert with Yiannis Kotsiras, Altinalmazi Ecopark.

30.7.2023, Theatrical performance “Men with everything” Ecopark Altinalmazi.

31.7.2023, Concert El. Zouganelis – El. Arvanitaki, Ecopark Altinalmazi.


3.8.2023, White Night on the streets of Alexandroupoli.

4.8.2023, Theatrical performance “Electra”, Ecopark Altinalmazi.

8.8.2023, “Bacchies” by Euripides, Altinalmazi Ecopark.

12.8.2023, Concert with Christos Dantes in Feres.

13.8.2023, Children’s theater performance “Trigonopsaroulis the musical”, Ecopark Altinalmazi.

20.8.2023, Karagiozi Show, Altinalmazi Ecopark.


4.9.2023, Stand up comedy with Alexandros Tsouvelas.



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